Lynn (Founder and Creative Director)

“Amazing design doesn’t cost a fortune. What makes a design amazing is what it does for your life. Making your spaces work for you and look the way you want is the key to great design…and that doesn’t have to cost a lot.” – Lynn (Founder and Creative Director)

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Lynn (Founder and Creative Director)

Lynn is the Founder of Divine Inspirations and the creative genius behind all of our projects

Being a smaller operation, Lynn will be on every job, leading the design team, coordinating contractors and for consultation to make sure your project turns out perfect.

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Her story is relatively simple; growing up, she was the friend you called when you needed advice. What to wear, hairstyles and hair color choices lead to her helping friends pick out artwork for their new places.

Dorms and apartments, trailers and rented rooms turned into bigger projects; businesses and mansions, estates and hotels.

Her reputation grew and as the referrals increased, so did her skills, challenging her talent with new projects, different goals and visions.

Lynn nurtured her talent for design with schooling at several universities and colleges, studying art, design and sculpture. She passed up what could have been a successful career as an artist for her true passion: interior design.

Her knack for design and eye for color have led her through a varied and successful career as a designer.

Now, she has dialed things back and interior design is as much a hobby as it is her income.

The digital world has allowed Lynn to take on clients from all across the US through programs like FaceTime and Skype.

Her current schedule is that of luxury, taking on new projects and clients that really speak to her rather than because she has to. Don’t let that intimidate you though, Lynn is above all, a people person and she loves taking on new clients and making new friends.
Whole house consultations or repainting a room, give us a call today for a free consultation to see how Lynn and Divine Inspirations can help!

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